Our mission at Aardwolf is to develop the whole person through volleyball.  

How do we achieve the Mission?

We’re different.  We are Club Volleyball, not a Volleyball Club.  We have an interesting name which relates to our philosophy and perspective.  Our structure falls under our players’ name: aardwolvesssss.  You will see our club name as the "aardwolvesssss" with five "s" letters at the end relating to the five cores to our coaching philosophy.

The first "S" is Self.  Players and coaches need to take care of their mind, body and soul.  If they have not - they will struggle with being a team player.

The second "S" is Social.  Players and coaches need to be social with family and friends.  When there is stress at home, that will play into practices and games.

The third "S" is Scholarship.  Players and coaches must be students and focus on their academics.  Volleyball is NOT everything.  More students get financial assistance to college from academic honors than athletic ones.  Going to college has been proven to have an impact on an individual's employment and salary.  Unemployment rates are lowest for those with the most formal education. 

The fourth "S" (and it is the least important) is Sport.  Players and Coaches come together for Sport after they have taken care of Self, Social and Scholarship goals.  Some parents and players do not like the least important aspect being volleyball and it does seem counterintuitive to advertise a sports club that does not prioritize the sport.  The reality is that we all will have lives after volleyball and we need to prepare for those realities.  Please know we will more than cover the volleyball part!

The fifth "S" is Service.  After a player has completed her last serve on the court, she steps into the community to serve.  We give back and are honored to see so many of our past players coming back to coach and support young aardwolf cubs as they begin their journey towards Ubuntu.


Our club's committment to Diversity and Inclusiveness can be read about here in this PDF:


Tryout Info

We look forward to your involvement with our club.

All Players must register prior to tryouts at. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR AARDWOLF TRYOUTS


Time and Dates:
Location Wy'East MS U10-U14 Sunday November 4, 2018 check in 730am  U12 done about 10am.  U14 done about 11am.  Additional time may be necessary.

Location Wy'East MS U15-U18 Sunday November 11, 2018 check in 730am  


Cascade MS November 3rd 5-8pm
All ages of Boys

South Sound

Contact npittelkau@gmail.com


See you in Fall 2019!

Contact Us

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Email: joe@aardwolfvolleyball.com

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