Aardwolf Club Volleyball is a Washington Non-Profit.  We offer opportunities for athletes to play volleyball.  Your support through our fundraising programs listed here allows girls and boys to play the game.  The sport is expensive as costs for gym and beach rentals, equipment, officials, and entry fees can add up.  Donations are accepted and we will provide more fundraising program information here in the future.  For now, if interested in supporting an athlete or a team, please email


Tryout Info

We look forward to your involvement with our club.

All Players must register prior to tryouts at. Register Now: Our Reg checklist!


Time and Dates:
Wy'East MS U10-U14 Sunday November 5, 2017 check in 730am  U12 done about 10am.  U14 done about 11am.

Wy'East MS U15-U18 Sunday November 12, 2017 check in 730am  

South Sound

U10-U14 Tryout Day 1 Rochester High October 27, 2017

U10-U14 Tryout Day 2 The Hub November 1, 2017


U15-U18 Rochester High November 12, 2017


See you in Fall 2018!

Contact Us

Text emergencies: 360-281-1221


Joe responds to emails on Wednesday between 5pm and 9pm.

Joe will make phone calls on Fridays between 3pm and 5pm.