Hannah Lemieux

I graduated from Hockinson High School in 2015 and I more recently just graduated with my bachelors from the University of Arizona. I played volleyball for about seven years and I started playing club when I was in 7th grade for the Northwest Wildcats and played for a few other clubs such as Fire and PDX in the years following. I was on varsity in high school and played as a Libero/defensive specialist. My senior year, I helped assistant coach a 14’s team for Aardwolves which was an incredible experience! It showed me how much I love coaching and how I wish to give back to the sport. I aspire to be a coach that players can lean on and learn from and I plan on supporting each of their athletic careers. What’s most important to me is that the players feel like they are gaining something from their experience of playing club and it positively impacts their love for the sport!


History with Aardwolf:
2012-2013 played 16-1
2013-2014 played 18-1
2014-2015 Assistant Coach 12-1