Kim Hallenbeck

I am Kimberly Hallenbeck. I have played volleyball for last 16 years of my life and I have coached for 7 of those years.

A little about my own volleyball journey, I played with Sunwest Volleyball Club in San Diego and when we moved to the Pacific Northwest, I played for Portland Volleyball Club. After high school, I attended BYU-Idaho and they do not have athletics there, but they do have men’s and women’s leagues. I played on the women’s league for the four years I attended there as a Setter. 

I went to college to become a PE teacher and did just that. I work here at a local high school and also coach volleyball there. 

I love to be able to increase player’s skills as well as their passion for the game. This game is a mental sport just as much as a physical one and I love being able to be apart of that growth for players. 


History with Aardwolf:
2018-2019 Assistant 12-2