Lisa Handwerker

Lisa has coached volleyball for many many years, in addition to playing volleyball collegiately! She was previously a coach at North County Wildcats. Lisa is also the JV coach at Evergreen High School.

History with Aardwolf:
2016-2017 Season Coached 16-2 Girls
2016-2017 Season Coached 14-A Girls (top 14s team at the time)
2015-2016 Season Coached 13-2 Girls
History prior to Aardwolf:
Coached with North County Wildcats

Tryout Info

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Time and Dates:
Wy'East MS U10-U14 Sunday November 5, 2017 check in 730am  U12 done about 10am.  U14 done about 11am.

Wy'East MS U15-U18 Sunday November 12, 2017 check in 730am  

South Sound

U10-U14 Tryout Day 1 Rochester High October 27, 2017

U10-U14 Tryout Day 2 The Hub November 1, 2017


U15-U18 Rochester High November 12, 2017


See you in Fall 2018!

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