Taylor Asch, Director of Technical Training

Coach Taylor started playing volleyball at age 9.  She fell in love immediately and played all through school.  Taylor played as a DS and OH/OP for a prominent club in SE Portland and for Centennial High School.  Taylor helped her school make it to the state championships in her Junior year.  Coach Taylor had offers to play at the collegiate level but decided to focus on school and continued playing volleyball recreationally and coaching club volleyball at age 19.  Coach Taylor has coached at other clubs in the area but started coaching at Aardwolf during the 2018-2019 season with the 16-A elite team.  This year will be her first year as a director at Aardwolf.  Taylor also coaches JV Volleyball at Hockinson HS and works with younger age groups at Vancouver Rec whenever she can.  Coach Taylor wants to bring her love of the game to all the athletes she meets and is focused on the club’s mission to help each participant reach their highest potential in volleyball and gain the confidence to achieve their goals. 

History with Aardwolf:
2018-2019 Season Coached 16-A Girls
History prior to Aardwolf:
Club Coaching at multiple clubs