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We are a volunteer based organization.  Please understand that we will get back to you after our family, church, and academic obligations have been satisfied.  

Email: or use the form below.

Directors respond to emails on Wednesdays between 5pm and 9pm.

Directors will make phone calls on Fridays between 3pm and 5pm or as time and family life allows.

It takes us more time to call back than to email back.  Please provide an email in case we are not available to chat on the phone.

Text emergencies: 503-358-2080

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Tryout Info

We look forward to your involvement with our club.

All Players must register prior to tryouts at. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR AARDWOLF TRYOUTS


Time and Dates:

TBD for Fall 2020 Tryouts!  

Contact Us

Text Questions: 360-450-8187

Text emergencies: 360-450-8187


Director responds to emails on Wednesdays as time avails.

Director will make phone calls as time avails.  Please text questions or emergencies.