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The team types linked below are for Vancouver, Washington teams.  

Click for Cheney Teams or for South Sound Teams.  

For Vancouver Girls' teams, aardwolf has 3 different team types based upon cost and amount of travel. Aardwolf is the only club that has a "practice-only" option.  With more travel comes added expense. It is our belief that development takes place in practices and we encourage athletes to get out to play the game as much as possible. Most volleyball clubs are too expensive with dollars and time going to the club owners and to travel costs. We encourage players to get as involved as they want to be with volleyball - but please do not fall prey to doing more than you want or paying more than you should. All clubs have practices and play in tournaments. Aardwolf focuses on the practice time and individual development. We learn at tournaments about how to be competitive and how to bring those skills learned in practice to the court. We provide options for families who want to spend time traveling and playing in full weekend tournaments, as well as options for those families that want to get as many touches on the ball while not spending entire weekends at tournaments. Whatever it is that your family and athlete are looking for, we have an option for you.

Below are links to the different team types. They are organized from most expensive [$$$$$] and greatest time committment [+++++] decreasing to least expensive [$] and lowest time committment [+]  Aardwofl no longer supports teams that travel to multi-day tournaments (although we do participate in the two-day regional championships), Power Plus teams participate in more than just Power League (see below in each team description), Power teams participate in CEVA seeded Power League, and Rec teams participate in local tournaments. There is also an option for those interested in practices only. 

Please take time to consider your club volleyball experience!

For BOYS Volleyball, we have one option for boys teams at $500 for the season which runs from November to the end of April.

This year, Aardwolf will have boys teams at multiple age divisions. Right now we are planning on having U18, U16, U14, U12 and U10 boys volleyball teams!

BOYS OPEN GYMS Schedule coming soon to start in September

Last year, boys who played on our boys' team did not have fees to pay outside of the membership fee thanks to a generous donation of time and money from one of the directors.  This year the club will attempt to provide the least expensive possible program for the boys.  This many mean one practice per week...or it may mean practices on days that are not Tuesdays and Thursdays (the regular practice dates for our girls' teams.)  Every effort will be made to have practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the Boys' teams.  At the very least, boys will be paying their membership fee, fees to a coach, fees for a practice facility and fees for tournament entry.  As with all of our teams, no money goes to the club and no individual gets "paid" out of any surplus funds.  All surplus funds are put into equipment and additional programming for our athletes.

Please contact Joe Boken at to learn about Aardwolf Boys Volleyball and to learn about ongoing open gym opportunities!  You can also text him at 360-281-1221.

Tryout Info

We look forward to your involvement with our club.

All Players must register prior to tryouts at. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR AARDWOLF TRYOUTS


Time and Dates:
Location Wy'East MS U10-U14 Sunday November 4, 2018 check in 730am  U12 done about 10am.  U14 done about 11am.  Additional time may be necessary.

Location Wy'East MS U15-U18 Sunday November 11, 2018 check in 730am  


Cascade MS November 3rd 5-8pm
All ages of Boys

South Sound



See you in Fall 2019!

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